Curtin Games and Esports is a group of likeminded individuals who have set out to create a space where people from all sorts of walks of life are able to come together in a safe place where they are able to meet new people, join all sorts of gaming related events and make some new friends while doing so.

Our Fundamental Principles

  • Provide a safe place where anyone is able to talk without fear of judgment for their interests.
  • Promote the many ways to experience Campus Life for new students regardless of what their field of study is.
  • Create a place where people can meet friends regardless of what kind of games they enjoy.
  • Organise in person events with the goal of allowing people to meet fellow likeminded students.
  • Encourage people to step outside their comfort zone and experience more than just classes at University.
  • Safe Spaces all our club events and platforms must obide by Our Safe Spaces Agreement.

What do we run?

  • Weekly Games Nights - Featuring Rotating Games such as: League of Legends, Valorant, Overwatch Customs,, Golf with Your Friends and many more Party Games.
  • In Person Games Nights - We book a room and provide both food/drinks as well as consoles and board games for our club members to have a fun night together near the Tav.
  • Video Game Quiz Nights - Once a semester we hire out the inside area of The Tav and put on a massive quiz night for people to bring their friends along to create a team, or join a team of complete strangers to compete and win some amazing prizes.
  • Tournaments - During the semester we run free to enter tournaments for all sorts of games ranging from League of Legends to Pokemon and GeoGuessr to allow for our club members to win prizes

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Our Affliates and Sponsors:

  • Curtin Student Guild - Curtin's Student Services that runs on campus events for all students.
  • Pixel Expo - Perth's Premier Gaming & Animation Expo that focuses on community made content.
  • Curtin Sports and Recreation - Curtin's Sports Department that provide facilities to students as well as social clubs for students.
  • Bubble Bash Soccer- The #1 Bubble Soccer provider for Perth and Western Australia.
  • Archery Skirmish - The best Archery Tag provider for Perth and Western Australia.
  • More To Be Announced
Curtin Student Guild
Archery Skirmish
Bubble Bash Soccer
Curtin Sports and Recreation
Pixel Expo